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Rescue Puppy

Specialty Training




Let's give your pet a job!!! Now we can really let them help us around the house. From carrying your purse while you're out and about, to throwing away trash, and cleaning up after themselves this is the most functional thing you can teach your dog to do. Take it to the next level and have them grab your beer out of the fridge for you!

Service Dog


Having a dog that can help you mitigate your illness is lifesaving! You can owner-train your pooch or let him come hang out with us for a bit. We will sometimes have dogs available as service dogs as well.

Protection Training


A trained protection dog is an asset to any family or business. You will be able to turn your dog on and even more importantly be able to give a command and turn them off. Whether you want your dog to just look scary and bark or actually follow through with a bite, we can help you choose which level is right for you!

Scent work


Let's have fun! Hide and go seek with your dogs nose is a favorite game among our clients. Teach your dog how to seek out specific smells and items.

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