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Staying Hydrated

Our Clients

We're often asked who our average client is.  OUR AVERAGE CLIENT IS YOU!!!!

These are some phrases and scenarios that we get quite often: 

What kind of dogs need training? 

What age should you start training? 

My dog isn't bad he just jumps. 

After we walk 2 miles my dog will start to calm down. 

They know their commands but get excited and don't listen when we go outside or when they are around distractions. 

I want my kids to be able to walk the dog. 

I want to enjoy our walks,  right now it feels like a chore. 

My dog gets too excited when people come over. 

My dog barks and/or lunges after animals or people on our walks. 

I've been kicked out of grooming salons because of my dog's behavior. 

My dog bites.  My dog steals food off of countertops and tables.  I want my dog to be happy. 

My dog won't settle.  He worries when one of us leaves the room.

My puppy bites, potties in the house, and barks in his crate.

My older dog doesn't like the puppy.

.....and these are just a few!!! 

All dogs need training. 

We need to be able to communicate with them in a way they understand so that we can keep them safe.

We're able to help with these challenges and many more.  We'll customize your training plan to ensure all of your training goals will be met.

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